Zolle Reali. The Seasons of the Gardens

The story, in the course of developing, of the seasons in the Gardens of the Reggia and the Park of La Mandria, told through the pictures of Dario Fusaro and the words of Alberto Fusari

Sixty shots of stunning seasonal scenes to explore, investigate and touch, letting the soil run through your fingers. These are our Gardens: waiting for you to discover thirteen years of secrets. Even the Mandria, in its nest of dense greenery, is willing to share. Like blocks of soil, these photographs fit together to form the puzzle that is the landscape of the Royal Venaria. A kaleidoscope of miniature worlds suspended between ancient memories and new adventures. So much to see, you might lose yourself: well, perhaps that’s the idea?

Texts: Alberto Fusari
Ph: Dario Fusaro
Botanical cards: Paola Francabandiera and Chiara Tappero
Web editing: Maria Clementina Falletti
Coordination: Alessia Bellone e Matteo Fagiano
A project by the Consorzio delle Residenze Reali Sabaude